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How to ship heavy haul & oversize loads

Designed to overcome challenges

In a constantly changing world of logistics, you need a comprehensive solution that offers a mix of speed, agility and reliability. 24GlobalMail Air Freight offers a range of services that can answer your complicated logistical needs while achieving an optimum balance between costs and speed to market. Choose your solution from General Air Freight, Air Charter and Sea-Air to begin transforming your supply chain efficiencies.

Discover the solutions that 24GlobalMail Air Freight offers to help you overcome your supply chain challenges.

Benefit from a more agile supply chain by integrating your ocean shipment with air freight solutions.

Security from start to finish

We care about the safety of your valuable cargo. We ensure your cargo is in good hands at all points by giving it the best security and cargo protection. From using CCTVs to monitor storage and handling, conducting weight checks at both origin and destination, monitoring ULD build-up with seals and ULD Numbers and having comprehensive checklists to monitor your cargo’s condition throughout its supply chain journey.

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